Triple safety
thanks to our triple guarantee

  • Effectiveness guarantee*
  • No-risk guarantee*
  • Money-back guarantee*

*Be on the safe side: benefit from BORPOWER
without taking any risks! Benefit from an increased performance (up to 5 %), lower consumption (up to -10 %), reduced CO2 emission (up to -10 %), and smoother operation!

With BORPower you are able to fully benefit from an increased performance, lower consumption, and smoother operation. BORPower’s top priority is to protect engines. BORPower is among the most sophisticated and effective oil additives available. All motor oils are enriched with oil additives during production, and that makes them more sophisticated and more expensive. This is why prices for engine oils vary so much. Most motor oil manufacturers do not sell their oil additives separately. With BORPower you are able to enrich your motor oil to create unparalleled top-performance oil.

Here at BORPower we can rest assured, knowing that our products are absolutely safe and pose no threat to the service life of engines. Quite the contrary: reduced friction and improved heat dissipation can even contribute to extending your engine’s service life! More than 1 million bottles of BORPower have been used to date, and there has not been a single case where using a BORPower product has led to any form of damage.

We are so confident of BORPower’s effectiveness, you will even get your money back, if you have tried BORPower and are not happy with the product! Just return the empty bottle to us, 30 to 90 days after your purchase, and we will refund the full purchasing price! This is our no-risk guarantee. We will also refund the full purchasing price within 30 days, for any unopened bottles that are returned to us.