NanoFuel ForOne

diesel particulate filter cleaner

16,00 incl. VAT

Contents: 200 ml


  • Permanent and complete cleaning of the filter while driving
  • Ensures optimised driving behaviour, engine output, and lower fuel consumption
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Dissolves and prevents soiling in the particle filter


Delivery period: 3 – 5 days



  • No installation and removal, no downtimes, no disruptions
  • Reduces the ignition temperature of soot gathered in the diesel particle filter
  • No formation of secondary emissions
  • Winter protection for diesel fuel
  • Effective for all closed diesel particle filters

Shake the bottle for at least 1 minute (to disperse the nanocrystals). Add one bottle (200 ml) of diesel particle filter cleaner to the fuel tank for each 50 litres of fuel. Use regularly, to permanently benefit from the product’s advantages.

About the product
BORPower NANOFUEL DPF is a high-performance diesel particle filter cleaner based on nanotechnology that was developed for cleaning blocked diesel particle filters in diesel-powered vehicles. The product also aids the regeneration of diesel particle filter systems. This is the most cost-efficient way to maintain and clean particle filters!

The product can be used with all diesel engines, and it is compatible with all types of diesel fuel. Vehicles used for short distances and in cities are particularly affected by the issue of blocked diesel particle filters.