BORPower is a nanotechnology product featuring extraordinary tribological properties. BORPower is a solid nanocoating for universal use with all four-stroke engines (petrol, diesel, and gas-powered engines). BORPower’s great efficiency is the result of the nanocrystal structure of the two active substances Mono Crystal Diamond Powder (MCDP) and nanoboron (NBN). BORPower uses the outstanding qualities of Mono Crystal Diamond Powder (MCDP) and nanoboron (NBN) to minimise friction on working metal surfaces by means of a coating and bearing-ball effect.

BORPower is an extraordinarily effective solid nanocoating. BORPower reduces the motor oil’s temperature, which helps to maintain its quality for longer. BORPower reduces friction and wear, thus reducing fuel consumption, increasing the engine’s service life, and decreasing the noise level at which the engine operates. BORPower reduces CO2 and pollutant emissions of the vehicle, and helps to protect the environment. BORPower provides for coating of the engine compartment at a hardness level of 9.3 Mohs. BORPower ensures a high level of protection against friction losses, it reduces wear, and boosts the vehicle’s performance.

The active substances of BORPower are chemically inert (non-reactive). Owing to their nanocrystal structure, the particles in BORPower are very small. This means that no blockages or soiling of the oil filter or engine compartment will occur due to sticking lubricant particles. The active substances in BORPower are extremely stable, even under the high temperature and pressure levels that are typical of a running engine. BORPower does therefore not cause any unwanted effects or effects that may damage the engine.

BORPower is the most efficient solid nanocoating available. The active substance nanoboron features, for example, the lowest coefficient of friction. As a solid nanocoating, BORPower’s mode of action is of a physical nature. BORPower therefore has several advantages compared to other available additives.

The effect of the motor oil is not reduced, as the nanoparticles in BORPower are highly chemically stable and inert (non-reactive). Quite the contrary is the case: in addition to its benefits and advantages for the engine, BORPower also maintains the quality of the motor oil.

The job of a motor oil is generally to form a lubricating film between the working parts of an engine, in order to reduce friction. If this film is lost and metal grinds directly on metal, there will be extremely strong abrasion and heat production due to friction. This will usually lead to severe damage to the engine within just a short time (e. g. piston seizure). Unfortunately, the motor oil’s ability to form an ideal lubricating film depends strongly on the oil’s temperature. The ideal motor oil is always “thin”, whether the engine is started in winter (-30 °C) or at 250 km/h on the motorway (where the working parts of the engine reach temperatures of several hundred °C), and it must also have a sufficient “netting” effect to ensure that the lubricating film is even and uninterrupted. The oil must remain stable and must not “burn” while driving.

Real-life motor oil can never fully meet all these requirements. This means that the different motor oils available all optimise different aspects of the list of requirements. Motor oil for winter use, for example, is thin even at very low temperatures. When BORPower is added, solid lubrication of the engine is added to the oil film. This means that even if the lubrication film is interrupted, metal surfaces will not grind directly against each other, but against extremely hard, smooth and temperature and pressure resistant boron particle layers. However, a lubricating film is still necessary to dissipate friction heat. If a high-performance motor oil used must fulfil other jobs in addition to forming a lubricating film (i. e. to reduce friction), these are not compromised by adding BORPower, as the nanoparticles in BORPower are highly chemically stable and inert (non-reactive). The mineral oil basis (approx. 162 cm³ mineral oil in a bottle of BORPower MS-250) is negligible compared to the amount of (high-performance) motor oil used, so the additive will not provide for any significant changes to the oil’s properties.

An overdosage of BORPower will not damage the engine. The engine will instead be protected against wear even more effectively. However, there will only be a very light improvement compared to the regular dosage. A further increase of effectiveness, i. e. a further reduction of fuel consumption, is possible but we cannot guarantee this. The optimum effect at the lowest price is achieved with the recommended dosage (250 ml BORPower per 0 – 6 litres of motor oil).

BORPower contains the active substances Mono Crystal Diamond Powder (MCDP) and nanoboron (NBN). The MCDP crystals are grouted into the rough metal surfaces under high pressure. This causes them to form smooth layers that are hard as a diamond. In addition to this, the nanoboron acts as a solid coating between these MCDP layers. MCDP crystals that were not grouted in will roll between the MCDP layers like bearing balls. This effect reduces friction even further, as sliding friction is replaced by a much lower degree of rolling friction. The MCDP crystals have diameters ranging between 0.5 and 5 nanometres.

BORPower Nanogreen will protect your engine and reduce fuel consumption for the entire duration of an oil change interval. This means that BORPower Nanogreen should be refilled after each oil change to maintain effectiveness.

No. As long as the oil is not replaced completely, BORPower will remain effective.