The certified engine test with BORPower

BORPower NanoGreen

BORPower Nanogreen is particularly suitable for tuned and heavily used engines!

Ultimate engine protection

BORPower prevents engine damage in a test run without motor oil!

What happens if you keep a four-stroke engine running, without a single drop of motor oil? We wanted the full picture, so we conducted the ultimate test on two identical single-cylinder four-stroke engines: one engine with BORPOWER, one without BORPOWER. After a test run of 90 minutes during which we took exhaust readings, we drained the oil from both engines, down to the last drop.

What happens without motor oil

When we restarted the engines without any motor oil, it took about 8 minutes until the engine without BORPOWER failed. The engine with BORPOWER continued to operate for about 1 more minute. When we started the engines again, the engine without BORPOWER ran for a few more seconds, then failed again and could no longer be started. The engine was stuck: a typical case of engine damage.

The engine with the BORPOWER additive again ran for a minute longer after it was restarted, and it could be started again for a third time, without any problems. After we had replaced the previously drained motor oil with the BORPOWER additive, the engine operated at regular sound levels again, and exhaust measurements taken showed a normal level of pollutants.

The bottom line: Adding BORPOWER saved the engine from total engine damage, even when the engine was operated without a single drop of motor oil.

The ultimate test and the exhaust reading during the preceding test run showed the following results for operation with BORPOWER:

  • lower emission levels
  • (carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons)
  • reduced motor oil temperature
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • longer service life of the engine
  • reduced friction, less wear

See for yourself!