Nanotechnology Center

With its research and development projects in the field of nanotechnology, in which scientists and experts from the areas of physics, chemistry, and material research are involved, the NNT group of companies is regarded as pioneering. NNT is the first company in the world to be able to produce large quantities of boron crystals with a small size of between 0.5 and 5 nanometres, using a special detonation technique. The unique properties of these nanoparticles give rise to a wide range of applications.

Many projects are ready for production, in line with our motto “Visions of Innovation”. We continue to invest in further future markets, to keep up with global economic developments. Our products are produced in an efficient and environment-friendly manner, striving to use the resources that are available to the people, animals, and plants of our planet, in a responsible and careful manner.

Research & Development

Success depends on attention to details. Following this motto, the engineers of our group of companies are constantly working towards further development of the future-oriented technologies they have created. They are aware of the fact that innovation requires to think ahead tirelessly and to keep exploring. Their performance is always outstanding, when they use their technological expertise to help mankind advance, while always respecting nature and life itself.

The NNT Group started its research and development with experienced and internationally renowned scientists and experts from the areas of physics, chemistry, and material research. The findings obtained during a phase of intense research work and application testing were used to develop the first applications through to market-readiness (including the BORPower product line), and to produce and sell these products.

Our scientists and experts are aware of the fact that the world of individual atoms allows for unbelievable possibilities. The success of our NNT group of companies that has been pioneering right from the start, shows that our ideas that appeared improbable just a few years ago, have now become true. This boosts our motivation and encourages us to pursue even more intense basic research. Nanotechnology is still in the early stages of development, after all. All systems with the corresponding structural size can generally be classified as nanotechnology. A rather impressive example of this is our highly effective BORPower product range.

Quality Standards

Industrial and government-run research facilities have tested BORPower’s excellent quality several times, in line with established standards. Our production of BORPower is subject to ongoing monitoring according to ISO9001:2000. BORPower is a product that is easy on your wallet and on the environment.

You can reduce fuel consumption, regardless of your vehicle’s age and mileage. At the same time, CO2 and NOx emission of your vehicle are reduced by the same amount. BORPower also boosts the performance of the engine and its mechanical components.