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BORPower NanoGreen is an additive that is added to motor or lubricating oil. It was developed in order to optimise the engine’s functions, and to provide lasting engine protection.

Manufacturer’s warranty!

Pursuant to EU law, car manufacturers must NOT restrict or exclude your vehicle’s guarantee and warranty, because oil additives are used.


What are the benefits of using BORPower? How often do I need to top up BORPower? Are there any differences to similar products? We have all the answers!

The certified
engine test
with BORPower

What happens if you keep a four-stroke engine running, without a single drop of motor oil? BORPower prevents engine damage in a test run without motor oil!

What our customers say about BORPower

The engine runs smoother than ever before, thanks to BORPower World. We and our customer are really impressed👍👍


I have tried the BORPower NanoFuel ForOne diesel particle filter cleaner. It’s done a great job! Excellent value for money!

Arda Gümüs

The engine of my Volvo S70 (219,000 kilometres) is a lot less noisy now. BORPower also provides for noticeably more power and less fuel consumption.

Franz Artner

We have tested the products for about a week and a half, and have observed the following effects: The noise level of the engine was reduced, the engine is running much smoother and more quietly. The emission behaviour has changed for the better. We will keep using the products in the future.

IDM Performance Team

I got it too. My Q7 4.2 TDI was optimised to 390, also with BOR (oil). It’s a big difference. The engine is running smoother now than before.

Dursun Tan

As a self-employed automobile master technician, I am always very sceptical when it comes to oil additives. However, your test with the emergency generators caught my interest. So I ordered a bottle of Nano Green MS 600 and put it into my compressor charged V6. What I especially wanted was a reduction of the oil temperature. I didn’t really expect much (as I said, I’m sceptical about this type of additives). I was totally won over, though, by the longer drive that was possible afterwards. Despite an additional oil cooler, I’ve always been struggling with high oil temperatures. (160 km/h 125 – 130 °C). When I started using the additive, the oil temperature was reduced considerably (around 110 – 115°C at 160 km/h).

Thomas Herbst. Kfz-Techniker-Meister bei Kfz-Service Herbst. 9.Juli 2018 via Facebook.


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